Rendering, Drawing & Photo Simulations

Our team of engineers can provide you with complete product design, drawings, renderings, and photo simulation support for your project upon request.

Photo simulations help bring your ideas to life by allowing you to see the proposed configuration simulated in real scenarios at the location of deployment before delivery.

Simulated renderings are the core of all new projects and are provided to our customers as part of the product design process. This ensures the customer is assured of the system being designed and can leverage these documents with cities or tenants to ensure a successful deployment.

Foundation Design

Our team can provide you with an engineered foundation design with drawings and PE stamp upon request.

Valmont can assist you in a turn-key solution from foundation to pole system. We can support you with traditional concrete pier and spread foundations or design direct bury foundations that enable you to install a pole in a single day.

Factory Equipment Integration

We provide equipment integration in specialty small cell facilities, enabling you to save money and increase speed to market.

Valmont can provide you with fully assembled solutions with all electrical, fiber, and RF components installed and ready for deployment.

Rest easy using an integrated Valmont solution engineered to meet UL, Telcordia GR-487, and CSA specifications. Our integrated solutions ensure full compatibility, reduce field errors and save time.

Galvanizing & Paint Options

We offer extensive in-house finishing capabilities, which extend the service life and visual appeal of our communication structures.

Whether your specifications call for an anti-corrosive finish or a specialty paint, Valmont can provide you with the best finishes in the industry.

We can match colors with 99.9% accuracy, meet the durability and finish requirements of your project all while meeting your aesthetic needs.

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