We've Simplified Small Cell™

As the demand for 5G increases by the day, the need for densified nodes within close proximity will become critical. As a result, we understand that an inadequate infrastructure plan can hinder the speed to market.

With this in mind, we have developed the SimpleCell™ Platform. A comprehensive, all-in-one program that brings together and standardizes products, services and processes. Simply put, we’ve simplified small cell.

  • Diverse Pole Options
  • Light Arms & Decorative Elements
  • Equipment Concealment
  • Antenna Mounting Solutions
  • Structural Base Cabinets
  • Decorative Pole Bases
  • Accessories
  • Renderings & Photo Simulations
  • Drawing & Engineering Packages
  • Foundation Design
  • Galvanizing & Paint
  • Equipment Integration
  • Interactive Project Platform

Internal & External Concealment

We offer two primary types of concealed poles: internal concealment and external concealment. Both options are highly configurable and can be used in dual-use scenarios for lighting and communications applications. The primary difference between both poles is where the equipment is housed.

External concealment poles allow the use of city standard pole systems made structurally viable for side cabinets and top shrouds. Internal concealment poles use specially designed pole shafts that house radio equipment inside the pole itself. Both can be deployed on top of our structural base systems.

Light Arms & Decorative Elements

At Valmont, we offer an extensive portfolio of decorative luminaire arms which are available in single or double sided configurations to match any city aesthetic. We also offer custom designs upon request.

With a full breadth of solutions for diverse environments, Valmont street and area lighting designs are the leading choice for a wide variety of everyday and specialty applications.

Light Arms Decorative Scrolls Finial Caps

Decorative & Structural Bases

We offer a wide variety of decorative bases which can be added to match the aesthetics of any environment. Decorative bases can be used on their own at ground level or in conjunction with structural bases to serve as decorative collars.

Our structural base equipment cabinets support standard area lighting poles and provide an aesthetic method to conceal equipment from public sight and protect against theft and the elements.

Decorative Bases Structural Bases

Adaptive Pole Top™ System

Valmont Site Pro 1 offers a complete line of pole top concealment shrouds and solutions in various diameters and configurations to accommodate a variety of applications.

  • 5G, 4G, or combination applications
  • 14", 18", & 22" diameters are available
  • Lightweight panels for easy installation and maintenance
  • Engineered to meet UL, Telcordia GR-487, and CSA specifications
  • Standard colors include black, gray, and dark bronze
  • Custom colors are available
  • Optional color matched screens available
  • Match any city aesthetic and warranty requirement on finishes
  • UV resistant finishes on all external materials
  • Attaches via thru-bolt, banding, or compression clamp to existing poles (wood, metal, concrete, or composite)
  • Attaches directly to new Valmont poles
  • AC or DC powered cooling systems (2 & 3 Sector)
  • 1 year warranty included

Pole Side Solutions

Our side shrouds can be mounted to the side of any pole to conceal and secure equipment. They can be custom colored to match any aesthetic. Features include:

  • Highly engineered and rigorously tested
  • Engineered to meet UL, Telcordia GR-487, and CSA specifications
  • Universal mounting (Wood, Steel, Aluminum, Concrete, etc.)
  • Robust 12 gauge steel spline and mounting brackets
  • .125" aluminum sides and door
  • Thermally tested to operate in any climate (-40 to +46C)
  • Equipment brackets are available for specific equipment configurations
  • Standard colors include black, gray, and dark bronze
  • Match any city aesthetic and warranty requirement on finishes
  • UV resistant finishes on all external materials
  • Fan-less design = zero maintenance (Except X-Large Side Shroud)
  • Rear cable entry plate
  • Internal ground bar
  • Standard shroud mount can be thru-bolted or banded to pole or wall
  • 1 year warranty included
  • For equipment compatibility, see end of section


We provide a vast array of accessories that can be integrated into your structure or are available for standalone field installation. Accessories include:

  • Fiber Panels
  • Load Centers
  • Cooling Systems
  • Transformers
  • Fan Controllers
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Battery Backup

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